My favorite pattern

My favorite sewing pattern is one I’ve never made and never will make.

It’s in a book of rug patterns. One of the other patterns in the book was a demonstration sample at Sew Club a couple of years ago. I’m easily inspired, so after the demonstration, I just had to have the book.

I bought the book; I’ve read the book, several times. And that’s how I came across My Most Favorite Pattern of All Time; it’s in that book.

It’s a lovely rug pattern, not too big, not too small. Mostly looks just right. The pattern swirls around and twirls around. It would look good in a single color or in many colors.

It calls for 1500 pieces.

That’s right — 1,500 pieces. There’s a photo of this rug in the book, so someone actually made one! (Just to be clear: this was not the rug demonstrated at the Sew Club meeting.)

One thousand five hundred.

Fifteen hundred, in 2-inch squares.

Cut 1,500 2×2 squares.

Fold 1,500 2×2 squares.

Sew 1,500 2×2 squares.

That’s 4,500 squares you’ve handled by cutting, folding, sewing. That’s you — not me — because I’m not making this rug, no way, no how.

You go right ahead and have at it. Then send me a photo. It is, after all, my most favorite pattern of all time . . . to read.

Fifteen hundred squares. Whoo-hoo!

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