Scary Stuff

This morning our dog Moe got bit by a baby rattlesnake that was on the back porch. That’s rattlesnake bite #6 for our dogs (or #7, if we count the suspected bite for Clint).

Scary, because “baby” implies a momma and siblings around somewhere.

Scary, because a baby rattlesnake has no rattle and can’t be heard in order for anyone to run away from it.

Scary, because a baby rattlesnake has a different self-protection mode than an adult in dispensing venom and it’s usually a full venom strike.

Scary, because it was on the back porch (too close, too close!).

Moe is fine, home from the vet’s. She’s a little swollen around the jowl, but is back to her normal routine, looking for other rattlesnake toys to play with.

Baby rattlesnake


One thought on “Scary Stuff


    That is so scary!

    Can you use snake away repellent?

    Some Humane Societies offer snake aversion classes for dogs, so that if they see one they won’t go up to it and know to back away, or even if they smell one they’ll be trained to leave it alone.

    Luckily, where I live, the most dangerous things are vicious flies.

    I hope your doggie is ok!

    lots of licks and woofs,

    Puppy Dog

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