So close, yet so far

It’s my job when I’m coming home to stop at the mailbox at the street and get the mail. Usually this doesn’t present any problems.

Not so yesterday.

I drive into the driveway and turn off my truck. I get the mail. I get in my truck and start it. Well, not really. I just thought I was going to start my truck just like all those other thousands of times of starting my truck after getting the mail.

The instrument panel gave one last flicker of light and then there was silence and darkness all around. Nothing. Not even the arrr-arrr-arrr of trying to start.

I was happy that I made it home before my truck decided to die.

And I was at home, strictly speaking, as I was parked at the end of the driveway near the street. And there was the house, waaaaay at the other end of the driveway, about 150 yards.

So close, yet so far.

I was parked between the gate posts. If Bruce had wanted to go somewhere, he was going to need a helicopter to get out. If an ambulance had needed to come in, it would have had to been an “enhanced” ambulance, like one of those monster tractors with tires as tall as my porch. I had visions of the monster ambulance-tractor climbing over my truck, squashing it like a bug with the drivers strapped in, being jostled all over their cab, yelling “Whoo-hoo!”. I wouldn’t want to be the patient in the ambulance when it had to climb over my truck on the way out. If it came to that, I’d crawl out to the street to meet it.

I was not happy with the idea of leaving my truck at the end of the driveway all night. I wasn’t really worried about someone stealing it. I mean, no one could drive it away. But my electric windows were rolled mostly down and they weren’t budging one way or the other. Not that I was worried about rain, either (that’ll be the day). The locks were working. (Thanks to the automotive designers for making sure electric locks work even when the rest of the electrical system doesn’t.)

But, Bruce drove his truck up to mine, connected the jumper cables, it started right up and this morning we started it the same way. I drove it to the garage, driving as legally as I knew how so that today wouldn’t turn out to be The Day when I would get pulled over by an officer and have to turn it off while I was getting a ticket.

Got to the garage without a ticket. I have a brand new battery and my truck starts all by itself, just like it should.

And today, I parked in the exact same spot at the end of the driveway to get the mail. I’m such the daredevil.


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