Carrot Collection

I am a list person. I make grocery lists, birthday lists, to-do lists, books-to-read lists, and so on.

I even make weekend lists, if I have something planned. That’s because I have, on occasion, gotten up on a Saturday morning and, with each day being a new day or me, forgotten to go somewhere when I had something scheduled. Oops.

Lists are good. However, I don’t always remember to take them with me, like to the library. It’s pretty hard to search the library online catalogue when I can’t remember the title or author of a certain book that I have on a list — at home.

Grocery lists are definitely useful, I find, but only if I have one with me when I’m at the grocery store. Without the list, I’m prone to getting too many items or not enough items. Can I remember a whole recipe without a list? No, I cannot, so I sometimes I get home to find that one or two of the ingredients are missing. And I’m not going back to the store because it’s about 10 miles away. Guess it’s cereal for supper, again (assuming I remembered to buy any).

My other grocery trick, when I don’t have my list with me, is to buy a duplicate of something I already have at home. Like baby carrots. I’m always thinking I’m out baby carrots, only to unload the groceries, open the bottom drawer in the refrigerator and see at least two other open bags of baby carrots. My very own carrot collection. I had better get munching if I’m going to eat all the baby carrots before they grow up.

I have so many lists, I find them everywhere — mostly when I’m not looking for them. (When I am looking for them, they hide from me.) They are in my vehicle, in my purse, on my nightstand, on the bathroom counter, on the kitchen counter, on the refrigerator, in my tote bags, in my pockets, on my desk at work, by the phone, on my chair, in my wallet . . . and there are a couple of items on all of them: supper cereal and baby carrots.


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