Tourist Attractions

The Texas State Capitol building is a year-round tourist attraction. It is the largest state capitol building, square footage-wise. It’s in the National Register of Historic Places (as of 1970) and recognized as a National historic landmark (1986, according to Wikipedia).

You can take a guided tour and learn all about its construction (like where the pink granite came from), decorations, portraits and the Goddess of Liberty statue on top of the building. Several years ago, she was taken down for a touch-up. We had to get help from the Mississippi National Guard to hoist her back up because Texas didn’t have any helicopters with enough power to lift her up that high. Thanks, Mississippi!

But the oohs and aahs, those you hear while walking around outside the Capitol building. The tourists go ga-ga over — of all things — the squirrels. Lots of people act as if they’ve never seen a squirrel before.

Maybe it’s true. And we do have blond squirrels — not albino, blond.

The tourists fling up their arms, squealing with laughter as they chase the squirrels around the tree trunks, first in one direction, then the other. After they’ve treed all the squirrels they can see, they lie down and tumble down the grassy inclines under the shade of the ancient pecan and oak trees, finally resting at the bottom, still giggling.

And those are just the adults. The children, well, that’s another story.


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