A place for everything and everything in its . . . meeting place?

Recently, a friend told me about meetup.com, where you can look for like-minded people in your area to meet and greet on just about any subject.

There are 64,695 Meetup groups around the world meeting on 18,072 topics.  The Web site’s goal is to “Meetup Everywhere about Most Everything.”

I put in my ZIP code and the search results showed 738 groups within 25 miles.  There are 91 groups within 10 miles.  There are no groups within 5 miles.

What’s available in the 738 groups?  Let’s take a look.

On the first page – the clubs are listed alphabetically – the largest group is the Austin Wine Enthusiasts, with 782 members.  The smallest is the Austin Junior Olympic Archers, with 2 members.

Further in, here are some samples: 

Want to meet up with people who are single and like to eat at Whole Foods Market?  You can, as there are 252 members. 

Think you are the only one interested in roller hockey?  Not so!  There are at least 30 other people who are also interested.  

How about Hula Hooping?  240 Happy Hoopers!!  Oh rats . . . it looks like they meet in north Austin.  That leaves me out. 

T.R.I.P.:  Texas Researchers and Investigators of Paranormal – 39 members.

The Austin Paranormal Investigators has 28 members.

Would you like to dance?  There are 876 members who want you as a dance partner in the Austin Salsa Dance group. 

The Easily Amused Creative Circle has 59 people who are easily amused and are willing to admit it to the public. 

Take a hike . . . with the Austin Tracking and Primitive Skills group, all 239 of them.  Surely no one will get lost in that crowd.

Ah, the Denver Broncos meeting group.  32 members.  Wonder if they will let me bring my hula hoop . . .


4 thoughts on “A place for everything and everything in its . . . meeting place?

  1. If you are truly a hula hooper, you could come to the South Austin Rec Center park – hula hooping happens around 10:00 every Sunday. At least it did before the ambiant temperature reached and remained above core body temperature . . . .

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