An Agency of One

On Friday, as I was leaving the building to go to lunch, a man was walking towards the door I just exited and asked me which agency was this.  I tell him. 

And, he asked, are you the only one working here?

Um no, I reply, there’s a whole agency full of people inside.

I can’t figure out why he would ask such a question.  It’s a six story building, taking up a full city block.  There are cars everywhere; there are no open parking places on the street.  He passed the snack truck at the curb (our snack bar is permanently closed); the snack truck had a line of people waiting for their lunch orders.  And how many state agencies have only one employee? 

I thought it best to just keep on moving.  A security officer came out the same door several seconds behind me; I saw him helping the man with the strange question.


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