Rain Gauge

On Tuesday, as I arrive home and am opening the gate to drive through, I notice the rain gauge.  There is water in it.  An inch and a half of water.  This can’t be true.  It didn’t rain in town (Austin).  And Creedmoor has a force field that keeps out any measurable rain.  Everyone else gets rain; we don’t. 

I look around.  There is no standing water anywhere; not even a hint of a puddle.  The ground looks as dry as ever.  The plants don’t look any more nourished. 

Why, I wonder, would Bruce put water in the rain gauge? 

When I get  inside, Bruce asks me if I saw the rain gauge.   Yes, I say, what’s wrong with it?  There is water in it. 

The ensuing conversation went somewhat like this: 

It rained, he explains.

Rained?  Where?

Here, he replies.

Here?  Here where?

Here, here, that’s where, he gestures expansively. 

Nothing is wet, I point out.  (I envision a miniscule, black cloud hovering over the one fence post, lightning, thundering and raining just over that one rain gauge, without a drop being spilled on the ground.)

It all soaked in, Bruce explains. 

Well, if you say so, dear.


We have 3 rain gauges.  The one at the front fence post is manual; you have to go out and look at it.  The other 2 are electronic and remote.  The readouts display on receptacles in the house. 

The fence post rain gauge had 1.5 inches.  One remote rain gauge registered 1.65; the other 1.54.  The 2 remote rain gauges are on opposite sides of the yard (north and south) and the manual rain gauge is on the west side.  Maybe all 3 rain gauges are accurate. 

But it still doesn’t look like it rained!


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