Looking familiar

Being efficient can have its down side. 

Take laundry, for instance.  Doing laundry in the middle of the week seemed like a good idea.   To get things done before the weekend, so I won’t have as many chores to do then. 

All those clean clothes, hanging in the closet.  Sweet.

Friday morning comes along.  Friday is Pink Day at the office, for those of us who like to wear pink.  So today I wear a mostly pink flower-y blouse that I made.  And I wear my new bracelet that I finished making last weekend (it’s silver wire (Viking knitting) with pink beads).  And the pink earrings that I also made.  Pink, pink, pink.  Life is good in pink.

But while I’m driving to work on my 2-lane road with someone right behind me, I get this deja vu feeling about my bracelet and blouse.  Hmm, I’ve already worn them to work this week, haven’t I. 

But, with hardly any short term memory, every day really is a new day for me.  And the blouse was hanging in my closet, all clean and ready to go. 

Here’s hoping that I didn’t wear this blouse to work yesterday.


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