Timing is everything

I mosey.  When I drive, that is.  I drive at the speed limit or a mile or two under.  A lot of people, including some drivers who are behind me, want to drive over the speed limit — now. 

We meet, we opposites, at all hours of the day.  Even when we both think it should be otherwise. 

I’m also an early riser.  And when I drive to work at 5:30 a.m., for a short while I entertain the idea that it’s early enough that there won’t be anyone behind me and I’ll be able to have a leisurely drive into the city.  

So not so. 

Shortly after I pull out of my driveway, someone is behind me, right on my tail.  It’s a rural road, no shoulder, with a 90 degree curve and no passing zones. 

So there we are, just the two of us; but not friends.  I’m thinking I should be able to drive to work at oh-dark-30 without someone tailgating me.  The other driver is thinking that they should be able to drive to work at that hour without some slowpoke getting in front of them.  (See, I am aware AND sensitive.)

Timing IS everything.  If I had been one minute later leaving my house or they had been one minute earlier leaving their house, we would not be in this configuration. 

Sometimes they pass me on the narrow bridge.  It’s not quite a one-lane bridge, but almost.  This happens a lot more than I would have guessed, if I were discussing driving habits just in theory.  

Oh, and in case you or someone you know gets frustrated when you are behind me (or someone just like me), not to fret.  Often I’m repaid in kind for my moseying:  I get behind someone on the interstate who is driving about 15-20 miles below the speed limit and the traffic is heavy enough that I decide not to try to pass them.    So there I stay, behind someone who drives even slower than I do.

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