A Changed Woman

I took a defensive driving class recently – for the insurance discount – and I learned a few things. 

The instructor said that research shows that talking on a cell phone while driving impairs the driver just as much as if they were legally drunk. 


Now, I’m one of those people who rarely talks on the phone while driving.  I’m just not that into my phone.  (I don’t text at all, either.)  And most of the time, I can’t even hear it because I have the radio loud enough to cover up the ring.  But I do – or did – talk on the cell phone while driving every once in a while. 

But no more.  I am a changed woman and have announced this to my family and friends.  And I have, indeed, kept my word.  I don’t even reach for my phone when it rings (if I happen to hear it).  I wait until I’m stopped somewhere to check my phone and return the call. 

The instructor said that he guesses that only one student in about 100 changes their cell phone/driving habits based on taking his class.  Guess I’m that one for this set of 100.


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