Cheap Date

Day 22 of the Engine 2 Diet.  I took my husband out to McDonald’s for breakfast.  By that I mean I drove him there as the first stop on our Sunday morning set of errands.   Three TVs were hanging from the ceiling.  The TV facing us was turned to the BBCA and an espisode of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares was on. 

He had his usual breakfast.  I didn’t order anything, as I had already eaten my breakfast taco:  hashbrowns, portabella mushrooms, red bell pepper, fake sausage (Gimme Lean), refried beans, and salsa on a whole wheat tortilla. 

When I used to eat breakfast with him there, I’d order the pancakes (with butter and syrup) and milk.  That was a cheap date.  Now I’m an even cheaper date, as I don’t eat breakfast there anymore, but I’m still along to keep him company.

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