The Quinoa

I was making one of the recipes from the book, The Engine 2 Diet:   Quinoa, Red Beans and Kale.  (Quinoa:  that’s “KEEN-wa” not “kwin-OH-wa” as I went around my office, pronouncing it.  Luckily only one person knew what I was talking about, so the snickering was minimal.)  The quinoa needs to be washed.  I followed the directions and used a sieve to hold the quinoa while running water over it.  So far, so good.  Then came clean up time.  The sieve I was using has sort of a cross-hatch pattern.  Meaning that the quinoa stuck in the little cross-sections.  I couldn’t get out all of the quinoa.  I rinsed it.  I scrubbed it.  I shook it.  Nothing doing.  Those last little quinoa grains weren’t going anywhere.  Well, I decided to leave it be and try again the next day. 

Different day, same results.  I gave up and gave in.  I offered the sieve to my husband, asking if he wanted it for any garage task.  He said he thought he could get it clean. 

Sure enough, I got home from work the following day and there it was on the counter:  quinoa-free. 

I think he took it to the car wash and used the pressure washer.  What a sweetie.


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