Race Day – Hurry up and wait

We arrived around 6:30 a.m., and it was still mostly dark.  As we turned off of SH 71, there was no one in front of us on that long, straight country road.  We looked behind us; there were about 27 vehicles.  We were leading that pack, but that’s the last time that happened.   

Our team name was Lazy Girls.  My teammate, Shelly, and I, were in the last wave, the “old lady” wave.  The first wave (The Beasts, teams weighing 400+ pounds), started first, around 8:00 a.m.  We started about 1.5 hours later.  Even though it had been noticeably cool when we arrived, it was definitely warm by the time our wave started.  The cannon shot that announced the start of each wave startled me each time. 

I was on the bike first, because the Muddy Buddy information advised the teams to put the stronger runner as the first runner.  That was definitely Shelly.  And she was the stronger rider as well.  But, everyone has their place, and mine was on the bike for the first leg of the course.

My goal was to just cross the finish line.  When I got sick a week or so before the event, I changed my goal to just get to the mud pit, then hang onto Shelly’s ankles and have her drag me through it.  It’s good to have a goal, right?


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