Training, what training?

A week and a half before the event date, I got sick.   My teammate, Shelly, was much smarter than me.  She got sick two and a half weeks before the event and was already on the upswing.  Each day, I just got worse.  Sometimes, though, you could hear us coughing tag-team like; she at the north end of the hall, me at the south.   

My training during this time was reduced to eating spinach salads for lunch (a la Popeye), taking the stairs to my cubicle on the 5th floor, and surfing the radio for Bee Gees songs while I was driving to/from work (la la la la Staying Alive, Staying Alive, la la la la Staying Alive . . . . ). 

My ability to run even 1 mile, which I managed a week ago (when I was training for 3 miles), was wiped out.  My bike stayed in the garage. 

The Austin Muddy Buddy event is only once a year (it’s a series, but only once a year at each site), and I really wanted to do it.  Even though I was under the weather, I didn’t have a fever and wasn’t achy, so I attributed my condition to something non-contagious, like allergies. 

It was going to be an exercise in pure determination, but why not?  Many things are worth a lot of effort, and this was one of them for me.


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