Jogging at the trail

I’ll just state the obvious:  I should have started training earlier.  Like 3 years ago. 

My plan was to work up to jogging 3 miles and riding 3 miles; I had about 3 weeks to go.  I went to Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake), ready to jog.  My idea was to jog 1 mile, walk for 1/4 mile, and repeat until I had jogged 3 miles. 

Great idea!  Never happened.

I managed the first mile and then walked the next quarter mile, as planned.  The second leg didn’t go so well.  It was hot and humid; I got tired way before the end of the second mile and started walking. 

I spent lot of energy looking for the quarter-mile markers.  The old ones, which had been very visible (white stone), had been replaced by smaller, darker distance markers.  Definitely not an improvement. 

I adjusted my use of the quarter-mile markers on the trail, just a bit, to compensate.  I decided that the moment I could see a distance marker, I could count it towards my jogging effort and start walking.  There were several objects on the trail that looked like markers from far away, but turned out otherwise.  So disappointing.  Some of the distance markers I missed totally.  Don’t know if they were covered by the vines/grasses, or maybe stolen? 

If I ever go to a someone’s house and see one of those distance markers, they are going to be in big trouble. 

Early the following Saturday morning, when I expected it to be cooler and drier, I tried jogging again.  Yes, it was cooler (some) and it was drier (some), but the result was the same:  the first mile went okay, but that’s really all I could do. 

Maybe I’ll try that bike thing again.

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