That’s my bike?

Not that I’m a total couch potato, not even close, but I’m not an athlete, either.  I have my pedometer and I walk 10,000+ steps a day and have at least one 30-minute chunk of continuous walking.  So, I needed to work up to running 3+ miles and riding 3+ miles.  And I have 5 weeks to do it. 

Okay, the bike.  I ask my husband, Bruce, to help out by taking our mountain bikes to be tuned up.  I can’t even remember the last time we rode them; it was years ago, at least 8 years ago.  The bike shop turned them around in one day.  Fast service!  I check them out when I get home from work.  I look at mine and notice the gears.  It has 21 gears?  When did that happen?  I guess I was expecting a 10-speed, like I had in 1977 (that I never really figured out how to ride well).  So, 21 gears it is, then.  Luckily, they are easy enough to figure out. 

That weekend, we decide to check out McKinney Falls State Park (near Austin, Texas), as they have a 3-mile hike and bike trail.  I thought we’d go around a couple of times, just to get warmed up. 

Ha ha ha ha ha


We will go around once, walking up a couple of the inclines because I don’t really know how to select the proper gear and I’m not strong enough, either.  Turns out Bruce’s bike isn’t totally working and he only has 7 gears. 

So much for my first bike training session. 


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