What is Muddy Buddy? And, why?

Muddy Buddy is a “ride and run” event.  It is a 6-7 mile course that has 5 obstacles, with the last one being the 50-foot mud pit.  There are 4 legs to the course.  The team members switch at each obstacle:  whoever was biking, drops the bike, does the obstacle, then runs the next leg.  The team member who was running does the obstacle, picks up the bike, then bikes the next leg.  The teammates must go through the mud pit and cross the finish line together.  (It’s a great photo opportunity, with both dripping mud.) 

Proceeds from the event go to a charity, but I can’t find a reference to it on the Muddy Buddy web site (www.muddybuddy.com). 

One of my friends asked me why I did this event.  Well, the specific reason seems to be fading from memory already.  I know it started with a friend at work who mentioned she had completed a Muddy Buddy event; I had never heard of it.  I looked it up online and thought it sounded “fun.”  Another co-worker agreed to be my teammate.  She had already heard about it from friends who had done it and also thought it would be “fun.”  Neither of us really knew what we were getting into.  This was in August of 2007.  We signed up for the Austin Muddy Buddy in April 2008; it was scheduled for Sunday, 18 May 2008.  I decided to start training. 

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